Family Updates: Blogger Mocks Children, Illegal Adoptions, Gender Neutral Parenting and More

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Photo by kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop), via Flickr

Do parents really influence a child’s gender traits?:
Gender Neutral Parenting (Motherlode)

Illegal adoption leaves family devastated in China:
Officials Sold Seized Babies for Adoption at $3,100 Each (The Montreal Gazette)

All in good fun or just plain mean-spirited? The debate is heating up:
Meet the Blogger Who Mocks Children Too Big for Their Strollers (The Globe and Mail)

New study “confirms that autism is a significant global public-health concern”:
S. Korea Autism Rates Higher Than in West, Says Study (Parent Central)

When it comes to minor head injuries, it may be best to wait it out:
Hospitals Too Liberal with CT Scans on Children (Times Colonist)

Glued to the TV? There may be something else going on:
Too Much Focus On Screen Time May Be Sign of ADHD (Strollerderby)


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