Family News Update: Reading Tips, Motherhood in Your 70s, Plastic surgery for Teens and More

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Just in case those long summer months causes your kids to lose their literacy skills:
10 tips to keep reading skills sharp over the summer (The Toronto Star)

Imagine being a first-time mother to triplets – at the age of 67:
How old is too old to have a baby? (CNN)

One teen calls it ‘body maintenance,’ most call it downright crazy:
Teens undergo cosmetic surgery in record numbers (The Globe and Mail)

From the makers of the dating site “with a strict ban on ugly people”…
How to breed a ‘beautiful’ baby (The Independent)

All that time your kid spends on the Internet may not be so bad after all:
Study has good news about kids’ online behavior (CNET)

A C-section sounds a bit easier but is it really better for the baby?
• Natural birth gives baby ‘good’ bacteria (The Vancouver Sun)


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