Family Update: Back-to-School iPhone Apps, Laptop Recalls, Another Breastfeeding Benefit, Heart Attack Risk at its Roots, Dining Out with Allergies and More

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Need an app to get your school year functioning smoothly?
· Back to school? There’s an app for that (Parent Central)

Another to do: Return the recalled laptop before school starts:
· Toshiba Satellite Notebook Computers (Health Canada)

Too add to the lengthy, guilt-inducing lists of breastfeeding benefits:
· Breastfeeding for even a month reduces risk of diabetes (Parent Central)

Talk about a bad hair day:
· Is a heart attack hiding in your hair? (Health Zone)

Dining out with allergies doesn’t have to be a game of Russian roulette:
· Eating out with food allergies (Ottawa Citizen)

A fascinating look at the increased psycho-pharmacological treatment of young kids:
· Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young (New York Times)


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