5 Tips for a Better Easter Hunt

Celebrate Easter with your toddler, school-ager and big kid, or even the entire block with these 5 fun tips.

Photography by Michael Alberstat

Easter is just around the corner and the Easter Bunny needs help preparing for the big day. Follow these tips and your kids are sure to have an enjoyable and memorable egg hunt.

1. Ask the Easter Bunny for an egg count or a list of his hiding spots (especially with young, less skilled seekers) to make sure you don’t find a rotting egg next fall.

2. Set boundaries to prevent the hunt from lasting until next Easter. Keep it to one floor of the house for smaller kids or from point A to B for outdoor hunts.

3. For neighbourhood-wide or large-scale hunts, a stash of extras comes in handy in case someone brings a friend. Leftover candies can be used as bonuses for extra-helpful seekers, and trinkets or toys can be kept for next year’s hunt.

4. Think beyond the candy. Other great egg fillers include temporary tattoos, stickers, tiny nail polishes and homemade gift certificates.

5. The hunt doesn’t have to be the end of the fun—continue the celebration all afternoon! Have kids look for birds’ nests, budding flowers and rain puddles in a spring-themed scavenger hunt, or have the kids hide empty egg containers for grown-ups to find.

Want more great Easter activity ideas? Find some and more in our Easter Guide.

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