DIY: Haunting Ghost Luminaries

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Image courtesy of Free Kids Crafts


Pave a path to the candy for your trick or treaters by creating these ghost luminaries with a few supplies, and most that you likely have lying around the house! Your kids will have fun creating the faces of the ghosts and getting a little messy with the paint, and you will get Halloween decorations without having to buy or plan anything!

What you’ll need:

- clean, empty jars
- white acrylic paint
- black acrylic paint
- black Sharpie marker
- tea light candles or other illumination

For instructions on how to create these luminaries by Amanda Formaro, visit Crafts by Amanda.

You need to start this at least the night before Halloween to allow for the white undercoat of paint to dry overnight before painting on the faces.

By using glow lights, tea light candles, votive candles or any other illumination, you will light up your yard, and create a spooky entrance way for your costumed guests!

Also check out our Paper Bag Tombstones, for another easy craft for kids, which can be used on Halloween as both decoration and lighting for your trick or treaters!


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