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Director, Digital Lifestyle Brands
Angie McKaig

Senior Editor (on leave)
Alicia McAuley

Web Editor
Tasia Rivero

Web Administrator
Melanie Faria

Director of Sales
Scott Atkinson

Client Services Manager
Dmitry Beniaminov

National Account Managers
Ana Bettencourt
Fiona Allen
Lori Colucci
Susey Harmer

Digital Project Coordinator
Lindsay Thomson

Digital Sales Coordinator
Derrick Hoang

Multimedia Producer
Ryan Bauer


Brandie Weikle

Art Director
Colleen Nicholson

Managing Editor
Cara Smusiak

Senior Editor
Leslee Mason

Food Editor
LeeAnne Wright

Contributing Editors
Yuki Hayashi
Tim Johnson

Copy Editor
Corinna vanGerwen

Health and Medical Content Approvals
Pediatricians at The Hospital for Sick Children

Becky Scott

Staff Photographer
Carlo Mendoza